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OzberryPi is a nomadic maker/hackerspace based in and around Sydney Australia

  • We have a shared interest in the Internet Of Things, with a primary focus on the Single board computer, the Raspberry Pi and embbeded Linux.
  • We support free and open source software and movements.
  • We hack on the RaspberryPi, Arduino, MCUs and Linux. Join Us! :)

People of all skill levels are welcome to take part - it does not matter what your skill level or who you are. If you are willing share and learn, you are welcome.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ― Benjamin Franklin

Our online spaces

Our mailing list is hosted by google groups. It's the best place to ask questions and/or have discussions.

To join, simply send a blank email to : The web based viewer is located here

We use meetup for organising our hackerspaces and other events.

please join up to attend our events.

left‎ Our "organisation" set up on github for project code. You can join with a regular GitHub account

Our twitter hashtag: #ozberrypi

Our members build projects based on the RaspberryPi and other open platforms including but not limited to:

Anyone can edit this wiki, so please do, formatting guide is here:

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